Hallmark Industrial Supply Project and other process containment equipment

Hallmark Industrial Supply handles large and small piping fabrication for customers across the country and around the world. First, we’ll start with a consultation to discuss your pain points and the problem you’re looking to solve. Next, our engineers will work on a customized solution, producing shop drawings and 2D or 3D format for our fabricators to use as design specifications. If your piping and other process containment equipment project is part of a larger construction initiative, we can also provide or upload BIM System drawings to ensure compatibility with your existing plans.

The Work We Do Best!

An Overview of Our Work

Using a design by analysis framework, we test every piece for strength, durability, and utility. Then, we make any necessary changes and test the components again. This iterative process ensures the best results following the installation of your customized pipes, fixtures, adapters, vessels, and other pieces.

An Overview of Our Work
Non-destructive Testing or NDT Testing (in-house as well as 3rd party).

Our inspection processes allow us to inspect products without damaging them.

An Overview of Our Work
Lining & Coating of Steel Pipe and Fittings

A protective coating can safeguard steel pipes against corrosion, preventing leaks, service interruptions, and other issues. Additionally, we are set up to test lining or coating for steel pipes.

Linings and coatings offered by Hallmark Industrial Supply include:

  • Cement Mortar
  • Epoxy
  • Tape Wrap
  • Fusion Bonded Epoxy
  • Galvanized
  • Polyurethane
An Overview of Our Work


Hallmark’s award-winning fabricators handle projects across numerous industries with facility and agility. Organizations and industries that commonly use piping fabricators for customized solutions include the following:

  • Municipalities, Counties, and States (water products)
  • Engineering Companies
An Overview of Our Work

Installed Projects

Whether you need a large-scale project, such as replacing a pipeline for water, wastewater, petroleum, or other liquids, or Engineering services to reverse engineer a critical part, we can help. With a certified professional engineer on staff, you can rest assured that tolerances, design, feasibility, structural integrity, and longevity are the hallmark of your finished project.

An Overview of Our Work

Coating and Wrapping

From cement mortar to epoxy to tape wrap to polyurethane, our coating and wrapping solutions have many advantages:

  • Prevent internal corrosion
  • Reduce maintenance and pumping costs
  • Prevent leaks
  • Decrease risk of pipe failure
  • Add years to the life of your pipe
  • Reduce replacement costs
  • Increase flow rates

Contact us online today for more examples of our work. Feel free to call us at (713) 664-7890 to discuss your pipe or vessel fabrication requirements.